A modern suburban garden set to the famous backdrop of Harrow on the Hill.

Client Brief

The calm, relaxed space was especially created so our clients could enjoy time with their family and wind down in quiet surroundings.

The clients requested that generously-sized outdoor dining and lounge seating areas were incorporated into the design, along with intimate seating on the terrace for two to sit comfortably.  They also wanted plenty of space around the dining table so it could be used for occasional games of table tennis.

The ability to enjoy a gorgeous garden view was also part of the brief.  A central fixed window in the house formed a strong focal point and allowed us to place a large rectangular planter in line with it, so the clients can enjoy their greenery from the comfort of their home.


The 1930s house had just been refurbished with a large extension and loft conversion, so it was important the garden flowed from the house seamlessly.

The site was very waterlogged and needed an extensive perforated pipe system and pump to extract the water away.

The pathway slabs were carefully chosen to match the kitchen’s existing flooring and flow invitingly from the kitchen, through the sliding doors and out onto the terrace.

The generous lawn is flanked by a planting bed which extends into the lawn.  The larger bed contains a fragrant shrub (Hepticodium miconoides) and the smaller bed contains a second deciduous shrub (Cornus Kousa ‘China Girl’) to punctuate the path.  The clients requested that the trees didn’t restrict neighbours’ view but would partially conceal the clients’ trampoline.

The decking deliberately echoes the charcoal colour of the charred cladding in the garden lodge, as it wraps around the garden room to be enjoyed on all sides – always catching the sun rays throughout the day.

Designed by Georgia Lindsay.

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