This terraced garden had seen better days and was riddled with issues.  The client wanted to breathe fresh life into this outdoor space so that they could enjoy it in all weathers.

The first issue to address was that the garden sloped quite dramatically away from the house which meant that it felt awkward and unuseable.

Also, the decking was rotten which made it slippery and unsafe to walk on.

The small lawn was suffering from poor drainage and the steep slope made it very difficult to maintain. We replaced the old decking with one constructed out of composite plastic so that it would last the test of time and not suffer from the effects of our damp climate.  The decking area was also enlarged so that the client could use it to sit out and enjoy the view. It also meant they could have a large table and chair set for entertaining.

The garden was split into two levels with the use of a stone-filled gabion cage retaining wall system which allowed us to level both upper and lower sections using a process of cut and fill. This gave us two large flat areas which were used as a formal lawn and orchard and wildflower area. When back-filling the upper area, we improved the drainage with a simple land drainage system.  Now this terraced garden is beautiful and just waiting to be enjoyed.

This garden was designed by Christina Erskine at Urban Hedgerow.