Soft Landscaping

Soft landscaping is the industry word for the installation of trees, shrubs, plants and all things green which help soften the hard landscaping elements. It gives a sense of flow and direction around the garden.

It’s the fragrant plants, whispering trees and tidy shrubs that really make an outdoor space feel like a welcoming garden once the construction has been completed. Plants bring life and beauty to your garden, adding vertical height, attracting wildlife and creating a fragrant, welcoming space.

Although we specialise in landscape construction, soft landscaping is very much a part of what we do. Some of our projects have involved adapting an existing planting scheme by adding more seasonal flowering plants, shrubs and trees to provide the desired effect. Other projects have required a complete makeover by stripping out the existing soft landscaping schemes and starting again.

Where possible we save and reuse existing plants and place them elsewhere in the garden.

We don’t do ordinary. As well as our bespoke garden fittings, in all of our soft landscaping projects you’ll find something you won’t expect.