Create a garden to allow access to the front pavement with a buggy and create a storage area so the bins would not block the pavement. Highlight steps at night as street lighting very poor at night. Challenge: Very steeply sloping garden, almost 2 meters in height gain accross across 7 linear meters.



  • Create long and wide steps with a step up of 150mm to allow easy access for a buggy. The depth of the steps means one person and buggy can easily stand on one step at a time. The shallow rise of the step allows the buggy to be easily pulled or pushed from one step to the next.
  • To achieve the height rise with the shallow step height, a large number of steps will be needed. The steps will form a snaking pattern.
  • The front boundary wall will be pushed back from its existing alignment to create a space which will allow the clients wheelie bins to be stored off of their current storage location on the pavement. This will allow the temporary storage of bicycles as shown.
  • Inground lighting will be placed in the corner of the 4 landings to wash across the steps in order to provide additional light at night.
  • Two large planting beds will be planted with decorative trees to help screen the view of the road from the front door.
  • Construction due to start spring 2019.


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Ana Sanchez-Martin MSGD, Germinate Garden Design

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